McGeorge School of Law

Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker

Dean Emerita
Elizabeth Rindskopf Parker

BA, JD, University of Michigan

Representative Scholarship and Activities

Civil Liberties in the Struggle Against Terror, in Legal Issues in the Struggle Against Terror (John Norton Moore & Robert F. Turner eds., Carolina 2010).

National Security Advice for a New Administration: Initial Thoughts,3 J. Nat’l Security L. & Pol’y 227 (forthcoming 2009).

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Beyond ‘Fortress America’: National Security Controls on Science and Technology in a Globalized World, Report by the Committee on Scientific Communication and National Security (with others 2009).

Improving Declassification: A Report to the President from the Public Interest Declassification Board (with others 2008).

Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) Report to the President for Fiscal Year 2007 (with others 2008).

Rethinking Judicial Oversight: Obstacles to Democratic Control and Effectiveness, in Rethinking Judicial Oversight of Intelligence, at Ch. 3. (with Bryan Pate; Thomas C. Bruneau & Steven C. Boraz eds., 2007).

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